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Modern Culture

Hello, boys and girls, ladies and - gentleman. I believe we are living in the greatest of times, times that once have come and will never return again, simply becasue they will not be able to..

It is a curious artifact - time - so much so that it has killed billions of people trying to find it so they can contemplate it. It being time of course.

So on what madness do we dwell into its hideout? Only the most sanest of all beings can conjure such a method that holds within itself the greatest displeasure, so much so as to bring about change that can cause an eternity to pass in a year, but will not return until after a billion more years. 

Yes, my friends, that is MODERN CULTURE in which we live in now. That is the culture through which we are sailing, a culture of awesomeness, difference, realizations and _________. 

That is why, we are here, and will continue to be here. 

Yours truly,                                                                                                                                                Dr. (not really) Fàbîö


Hmm, it's a really progressive time and we simply cannot create a universal definition because we all have our own different perspectives. Every day when I'm in the subway I see people of so many different backgrounds and from the perspective of every other person, a new reality is born. 

Every one of my friends has some critique about my clothes, good or bad. I think i'm perf yet there are millions of ways people define their own "perfect"- and that's awesome! 

In my opinion the differences in perspective, background and experience are what create the MODERN CULTURE. We have so many different views on life, from which gym to join to which apples taste greatest, we contradict in almost EVERY decision!

But, that's the beauty and the driving force of our MODERN CULTURE!!!

(wanted to add more but i'm afraid I'd turn into Alexander :(...   )

Thanks!                                                                                                                                           Sana Noori


After a grandmaster and a creative crazy person have talked about our culture, there is very little left for me to add. There can't be a mistake in anything they have mentioned because that too is a beauty of our time. I can't even tell which is right, and I'm not supposed to. Ugh, let's just stick with our style yeh? Trying to consider every perspective is going to end up hurting us, so let's just say this:

Let's live in harmony, and let our differences become lessons from which we learn, create and open our minds.

Because I'm the boss, that goes for everyone -_-

(I swear i'm the cool boss like we eat cinnamon bagels!!!!)


THANK YOU!!!!                                                                                                                             CEO: Faisal Ahmed

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  • Jack Marta: January 27, 2017

    Alexander hit IT! I want to see the HBA vogue 2017 fashion commentary run on your youtube! Think it’ll happen???

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