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Not too thick, not too thin... Sweaters have been around for a long time, but every year subtle changes in trends lead to wholly new combinations. This year, we are featuring a much more relaxed fit with hand-sewn pockets. Each pocket is unique, utilizing a new piece of fabric for its creation. Each sweater is made of the best materials (obv.) and features our minimalistic yet sophisticated outlook.

The Tees

This year we focused much of our attention on our tees. Tees are the building blocks of all layering fashion. our extended tees combo with any hoodie or sweater by adding a different color under the sweater or hoodie. The extended tees are the feature of this year's collection and thus our extended tees offer great variety, from the simple bamboo to the more classy, plain black. 


Hoodies: timeless, attractive, a staple of all street culture. The hoodies of the season are much more simplistic, almost minimalist, and feature sharp contrast, leaving something tingy in the viewer's mind. We combined the most contrasting colors to bring about the conflicting emotions. People's eyes become fixed on the odd phenomenon, and they wonder why it's so different, it's just a hoodie right? 


Our designers could not settle on a single type of pant, so they had to burst. We've developed a keen eye for the latest and upcoming trends and our pants collection is based accordingly. Each pant is crafted from the best material, and each can be combined with any of our other pieces to bring about questions...

The Hats

We approach our hats with an open mind, to change them in such a way that they stand out, but in a good way. Our new collection displays simplicity with sophisticated design to bring about a trendy, and comfy way to keep yourself warm



  • Nick Rush: December 13, 2016

    Liked the sweater bit. I really love the solidarity in all of your colors, really makes things pop. Good points!!!

    Although for me, every time i buy a black shirt from anywhere, it’ll start fading in a week and after about 2 washes. Will DEFINITELY try on of your shirts!!!

  • Zara Sonam: December 13, 2016

    Hmm, it was interesting and you had some really good points too!

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