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Over our many years observing and critiquing fashion we've found that many people want to have the showbut not too much. So, teaming up with amazing designers, we came up with designs which evoke a sense of being, but not being too much. 

The Eyes

It all starts with the eyes, colors are an enigmatic art which, if used right, can have a beautiful effect. We use truly dark colors, and contrast them sharply with complementary colors to bring about a sense of mystery and curiosity in the viewer's mind, leaving the viewer wondering what was just seen; the wearer has just become the center of attraction, but has no need to boast it, we do it for you.

OK, so how should we layer?

Layering consists of many varied patterns, but all fall into one of these categories:

  1. Neutrals (Black and White)
  2. Colorful (3 or more colors)
  3. All Equal

The heart of any layering roots from one of those 3, then it is up to the wearers to add their "creativity" to it. 

OUR WINTER COLLECTION was based upon layering. Our layering are heavily contained in the neutral category. 

KEY TO STYLE is that when layering your neutrals, the colors say everything.

You might have seen a black shirts, but they all look soo different! Any simple EYE can find nuances of difference between the quality of blacks.

GOOD layering only comes from SOLID colors, especially important in layering neutrals.

EX: our black extended tees are most likely the darkest you can possibly find. They are hard to see through, yet they are extremely light and durable. Top this with our white pullovers and you have TRUE contrast. Our pullovers have different designs sewn into them in order to set the layering as a backdrop and focus the attention onto the design. 

It's a beautiful play, every piece has it's own function to serve, that's how we see it.

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  • Cristopher J: December 11, 2016

    FIRST POST!!!! looking forward!!!!! Love the new style !

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