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ZZXXX represents a take on modern retro fashion by ZAZA&Co. designers.

The collection is comprised of tees with prints or graphic designs. 

The summer collection is inspired by THE 2017 Seoul Fashion week. Each year during S/S Seoul fashion week creative connoisseurs display trending and unique fashion ideas. ZAZA&CO designers merge these ideas and trends with western culture to create a totally unique and vintage look you can't find anywhere else.

Blending fashions between cultures is a means to bring together people and ideas, to create an understanding. Collaborating with Korean artists and designers has given us a chance to reflect on our own designs and continue to grow and develop in the United States and the entire Western world! 

The ZZXXX High End Retro campaign combines the minimalist and simple Korean fashion designs with the more graphic and vivid American vintage designs. Although one would think that the two just can't go together, the blend is a beautiful harmony of simplicity and sophistication.


THE ZZXXX is a SUMMER 2017 campaign by ZAZA and we are collabing with various Instagram Celebs and Influencers to get as many on the streets as possible! The style is offsetting of current modern wear. 

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  • JJWATS: July 15, 2017

    Just checked it out!! Def. NOT expecting this from ZAZA but i like it!

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