What's Summer Got In Store?

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Summer, a time for peace and tranquility. Long walks along the boardwalk in the evening and hustling hours in the day. Summer is dynamic, a season that liberates us from our homes and opens every day to new opportunities. At ZAZA&CO. we believe that summer is a time for relaxing as well as preparing oneself for the next year.

A LOT of people believe New Years to be the time when we change ourselves, but with our heads stuck deep in the snow there is very little we can change. Summer allows us time to think and ponder, to see and experience; a time where one can relax the mind.

As such, we crafted the ZAZA&CO. DAMP COLLECTION. It's more than just about enjoying and living out the season, it's about preparing and going beyond the limits to revitalize and stand to the upcoming year.

Loads of us are graduating (s/o to CEO!) and many more of us are finding new jobs, studying for exams, in general working to furnish our future. We want the DAMP COLLECTION to give you that boost; the ability and soundness to think for yourself, to learn from your past mistakes.

Specifically, the collection is designed with modern trends fused with classic style. It's not overwhelming, not the usual. It's you, something we can't find anywhere else.

So, hang on to the oars, whether you row or not you will be kicked down the stream so you might as well sit back, relax, and enjoy every sight that whizzes by. That is DAMP COLLECTION.


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